The automated reconstruction of biological networks from the automated analysis of available biological information is one of the important goals of bioinformatics and computational biology. MetReS is a project that integrates different tools and methods to analyze various types of data and contribute to such a reconstruction. There are different aspects to this effort.

On the one hand we recognize the importance of automated text mining to assist in associating different biological and chemical entities to specific biological circuits and processes. To this effect we actively develop tools to achieve such associations.

One such tool, Biblio-MetReS extracts gene and/or protein interactions from the literature, which is one of the most important targets of text mining in biomedical research. In addition, v2.0 (upcoming shortly) will also automatically mine associations between those genes and specific processes and circuits, as well as between the processes themselves. Biblio-MetReS Player is also available to visualize the graphical results of Biblio-MetReS without having to re-do the analysis.

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