The project seeks out for higher scientific productivity by joining the efforts of the UAB and UdL groups in a coordinated project. The main goal of this project is the research on ideas, techniques, policies, and mechanisms for the efficient execution of multidisciplinary applications with high computing and data requirements on systems in the multi/many core era, including clusters, peta/exascale supercomputers, peer-to-peer systems, and cloud computing systems. The project is organized in four related layers:

  • Applications: Several grand challenge applications will be studied: bioinformatics, environment, industrial, entertainment...
  • Programming models and execution environments: They must be reconsidered both regarding new architectural trends  and the requirements of the selected applications.
  • Performance modelling, evaluation and tuning: Designing performance to include the new features of current and future high-performance systems.
  • Resource Management Mechanisms: New proposals will be investigated for cluster, cloud and peer-to-peer systems, which also care about core-level management.  


Project manager: